Kimberly McDermott, PCC, PHD

I am an experienced leader with 20+ years of professional experience leading award-winning, high-performance teams. I have a PhD in Biochemistry, and before becoming a coach I was a university professor with a successful career as a mentor, educator, and biomedical research scientist. I led large, multidisciplinary teams recognized for outstanding productivity and innovation.

After years of building my own professional skills, transitioning to a career as a coach was a natural extension of both my experience and what I truly love to do – helping others reach their full potential. As a coach, I draw on my personal and professional experiences to help clients achieve meaningful behavioral change and overcome obstacles in order to reach their short- and long-term goals.

My role as a coach is that of an ally to work with individuals to find solutions to challenges as they arise. As a coach, I don't solve problems for my clients, as they are the experts in their profession. Rather, I help remove the obstacles that stand in the way of them attaining their goals. I bring structure to my clients thinking and aid them to find solutions and commit to the actions that will move their goals forward. My empathetic and non-judgmental approach builds a strong rapport with my clients that is based on understanding, honesty, and respect. My curiosity, powerful intuition, and ability to shift perspectives empowers clients to gain greater self-awareness and create changes needed to reach their full potential.

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